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The Young Management is a Netherlands-based modeling agency that is located in Amsterdam. We are set to manage top talent around Europe between the ages of 4 and 14 years old and place them in high-fashion magazines, catalogs, lookbooks, campaigns, and shows.

We believe in the power of connection. Connection with our young models, with clients, photographers, stylists, MUAH artists, creative directors and many others. The main difference is the way we get to work. We discover and guide (potential) up-coming models from Europe and guide them through their first steps of the industry or make the next step towards their dream.

For parents & models

For creatives/clients

Parents who register their child through our website are taken into consideration and are never immediately implied into the agency. Children who seem to be having fun in modeling and are an addition to the board, are always invited to the office first with their parents before we proceed to registration. We are not here to put the child to work, but to let him/her enjoy his/her modeling passion.

TYM-models are guided personally and are provided with an individual strategy.

If you would like to apply to the agency, please click here

TYM is not only unique for their models with high-fashion appearances but also the way of supporting clients. In a dynamic and ever-changing world, TYM offers for all her parties, customization by being innovative and flexible in responding to supply and demand.

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Main points


Young Storm

Representing Europe

Personal guidance

Growth opportunities

The Young-models are a flood of inspiration and new insights. They are diverse and are able to show different versions according to their surroundings.
The Young Management helps the young model to develop and propagate the skill to create a unique image. The Young-models are able to be:

Rough versus Refine
Clear versus Mysterious
Tranquil vs Bubbly
Spicy versus Neutral


We discover and guide new
up-and-coming models from all over Europe and guide them through their first steps of the industry or make the next step towards their dream.

We ensure that our models are guided in a responsible, professional and loving way, so that the child trusts in his or her unique strength and is able to convey that. 

TYM works only with a small board of models, so that each model and parent get to be personally guided. Our models are viewed individually.

Quality over Quantity


Models who are signed with TYM and aspire a modeling career can transfer, after the age of 14, on to our partners. These are modeling agencies in the high-fashion field and, just like us, offer hands-on personal management.

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